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EB3 program – open to all nationalities except India, China and Philippines.

  • Be between ages 21-45
  • Possess one year of any experience ( any skilled or unskilled)
  • Be willing to work for an employer in Florida in an unskilled capacity. Job offer will be arranged by us. ( spouse can work at any job and children can school)
  • Your destination will be Florida – one of the warmest states in USA.
  • You and your family will get up front green cards/PR
  • Apart from main applicant working for 1 year with the employer in an unskilled position family members need to be in USA one day out of every 6 months in order to maintain green card. After 5 years you may apply for USA citizenship. Children under 21 can be included in application.
  • No family member need to sit for any English test or demonstrate having any English abilities.

Easy program with not much hassle to applicant. This program is only open when we have an interested employer seeking to employ more than 50 unskilled workers, such as green house workers.

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EB5 Program

Investment is $500,000. Our management company will assist in purchasing the business and/or completing the investment. Temporary green cards upfront and permanent green card will be issued after all conditions are met. AVAILABLE TO ALL NATIONALITIES.

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