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Northwest Territories (NWT) Nominee Program (NTNP)

Situated between the Yukon and Nunavut, the Northwest Territories (NWT) is the name given to one single expansive territory.

NWT is a large body of land between Yukon and Nunavut and is well known for the amazing Northern Lights, gold, diamonds, natural gas and other natural resources. Capital of NWT is Yellow Knife and it has a very low residential rate of approximately 40,000 people.

Immigration consists of 3 streams

  • Northwest Territories Express Entry
  • Employer Driven Program
  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Business Driven Program

Northwest Territories — Express Entry Stream

Main points:

  • Be eligible for one of the EE streams (FSW , FSTP or CEC)
  • If accepted by the Province applicant will receive a provincial nomination which will allow 600 extra points on the EE comprehensive Ranking System.
  • Will get faster processing

Employer Driven Program – consists of 2 sections

Critical Impact Worker Stream

  • Is for applicants already in the Province and who have worked for a minimum of 6 months and have a valid permit.
  • Have an offer of employment for a semi skilled or unskilled position
  • Meet minimum language requirements.

Skilled Worker Stream

  • Job offer must be for a skilled position to an applicant inside or outside of Canada.
  • Must be education and English standards as well as show experience to perform the duties of the offered job.
  • Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada.

Business Driven Program

Entrepreneur Stream

The NTNP encourages applicants who have business experience to establish a business in the Province. Main points:

  • Must have experience in owning or operating/managing a business
  • Intention to set up business in the Province
  • Provide a business plan
  • Will be selected on the basis of the ability of the business to create jobs
  • Applicants are requested to visit the Province as well as have a face to face interview
  • After initial application and pre-screening a formal application will be made before a nomination is provided
  • Minimum criteria
    • Investment of either $300,000 (for a business in Yellowknife) or $150,000 ( outside of yellowknife)
    • Net worth of Either $500,000 (for a business within Yellowknife) or $250,000 ( outside of Yellowknife)
    • Provide a good faith deposit of $75,000
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the Province, language ability and experience.
  • Intention to set up business in the Province
  • Intention to set up business in the Province

Applicant must demonstrate education, Language skills , experience to perform the offered jobs and a matching skill set, have funds to settle in province .

Job offer can be skilled or Semi Skilled. Applicants inside or outside Canada who have an above offer may apply.

International Graduate Category

Main points and Minimum Criteria:

  • Should have completed at least half of the studies in Canada and must have a post graduate work permit valid for at least6 months at time of application.
  • Have a full time offer from an employer in the Province in an occupation related to the studies.
  • Proof of language ( please note submitted proof will be different for skilled from semi – skilled)
  • You maybe required to work in the related job for at least one year before applying ( not applicable to all applications)

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